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Bathroom New Construction

Are you planning on new construction for your bathroom?

Or perhaps you are renovating it using latest bathroom accessory?

Whatever the case is, building a bathroom requires thorough planning and expert advice. It is essential that you hire a quality LONDON plumbing service to ensure that your new construction is free from any plumbing defects.

We work along with your architects and other contractors to ensure that your new plumbing functions well, without causing you disruption. Our new piping hot and cold service is guaranteed to last many years.

No matter what your project size is, handyserv is ready to assist. Whether you are building a new kitchen, bathroom, office washroom, or a completely new home – handyserv will cater to all your needs. We also do Jacuzzi installation and shower enclosures with glass sliding doors.

Repair Services

Plumbing problems in home and commercial buildings can send anyone in panic mode. Especially when the defects occur at non-working hours. Luckily, handyserv offers emergency repair service for almost all plumbing needs and provide fast action to get rid of your plumbing problems.

Our repair services include but are not limited to the following:

Tap repair
Tap leakage issues should be addressed right away. A leaking tap not only wastes water but also causes water damage around the area. The mold that grows as a result of water leakage is hard to clean and unhealthy for the environment. To avoid the small problem of dripping tap from growing into an emergency, contact handyserv and we will offer our assistance as soon as possible. We also fix leaking Muslim showers, faucets, showerheads, and pipes.

Toilet Fixtures
Is your toilet leaking or wasting too much water? handyserv can make it better by offering flush button repair and lever change service. We also deal with toilet seat fitting and replacement of old toilets.

Pressure Pump And Motor

A motor breakdown is a nightmare situation.water motors require thorough consultation and the right technicians to get the system up and running. We at handyserv are a reputable name and in most situations try to repair the motor on site. Our work is reliable and guaranteed for all your needs