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Home extension: where to start?

Why move when you can improve? With rising property prices, savvy homeowners are increasingly opting to stay put and extend the home they are living in to get extra space and value. But where do you begin?

Is it worth it?

Before splashing your cash, it’s worth considering how much value your home extension will add to your property. A local estate agent can give advice on whether you would get a good return on your investment. You may spend £30,000 converting a loft into an extra bedroom but there is no guarantee it will increase the value of your property by that amount. Of course, adding value isn’t the only reason to extend your home. You may need space for a growing family

Designing an extension

Perhaps the first question to ask is should you employ an Architect to design your extra living space. There is no law that says you must use one even for big extensions. But an Architect can conjure extra living space out of your home and give it that wow factor. They can come up with design solutions that you and/or your builder would never have imagined. Architects can also guide you through the process of applying for planning permission and building regulations. Using an Architect will usually mean a better design but you’ll need to factor their fees into the budget.

Who will manage the building work?

If the home extension, for example a loft conversion, is carried out by a design and build company this will be managed for you but if you have designed it yourself or used an Architect you will need to find a main contractor to manage the build. Alternatively, you may choose to manage it yourself using sub-contractors for each stage, for example electricians, plumbers and plasterers.

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